South Africa’s Evolving and Transformational Social Media Landscape

South Africa's Social Media Landscape.

South Africa’s Social Media Landscape.


Considering Hellocomputer is a Digital Marketing Agency, an infographic like this could be very useful in their promotional marketing strategy. This specific infographic could be useful for Hellocomputer to sell their services to their customer because it demonstrates just how prominent and active South Africans are on social media. Hellocomputer’s advertising services are geared toward digital platforms and this infographic shows their customer just which social media platform they should be utilising in their digital marketing strategy.

An infographic like this is fun to look at and it conveys useful information that is fast and easy to digest- Who wouldn’t rather read facts and figures off an engaging and cool medium like this?

This infographic displays the various social media platforms used by South Africans, as well as their increasing or decreasing popularity and the ages of their main users. It displays statistics like the fact that Facebook is the most used social media platform in the country as well as how many million messages are sent using Mxit a day.

Hellocomputer’s digital marketing services are focused, structured and possess a sound strategy, never losing sight of the objectives. This could be conveyed through an infographic to their potential customers by the simple and informative visuals in their infographic. This specific infographic could be a lot more simplistic, allowing for a better flow of logic and clearer conveyance of information. Perhaps only two colours on the white background, instead of the green, red and blue combination would have been more effective. I used this this combination, as they are colours of the South African flag. It does however, convey statistics and information in a fun and interactive way, by the use of shapes, images and font size variation.

When Hellocomputer is developing their own digital marketing strategy, they should do a situational analysis of their brand and company. They would need to analyse and assess the environment that they are currently working in, such as the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental. All of these factors are of great importance to their creation of their digital marketing strategy. It is important for Hellocomputer to also understand the business that they are in. They need to understand and develop a business identity. Questions they should ask themselves when considering their brand identity are: what does it stand for? What does it mean? What associations, ideas, emotions and benefits do people associate with it? What makes it unique?

It is also very important for Hellocomputer to understand its customers. They need to understand whom they are targeting and their customer’s journey and then match the format to their needs. Finally, they need to understand their competition in order to gain a competitive advantage and differentiate themselves. Hellocomputer should then select the appropriate medium for their digital marketing strategy based on their overall objectives, production capabilities and the needs of their audience.

An infographic such as this one is an example of a fun and effective communication and promotional tool for Hellocomputers digital marketing strategy!


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